Wednesday, May 23, 2012

U of I grad donates sculpture to Springfield campus

A bright piece of contemporary sculpture is catching the eyes of students and staff at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Chicago art collector and University of Illinois graduate Bob Vogele donated the angular metal piece, entitled “Dodger”.

Vogele bought the sculpture in the 1970s from friend and visual artist John Henry. Henry fully restored the aging piece before installing it Tuesday in front of the UIS Public Affairs Center, where he hopes new eyes will appreciate his early work.

“It’s interesting to put things on campus, because students, young people, have a way of accepting things quicker," said Henry. "I really hope people come away with a different idea of structure, a different idea of the man-made environment.”

U of I grad Bob Vogele says he wants students to be “surrounded by art”, and encourages other collectors to donate work to the campus’ growing collection.

The story was featured by WUIS public radio on May 23, 2012.

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