Wednesday, May 13, 2015

UIS participates in Monarch butterfly challenge

Ecologists are reporting the monarch butterfly population in the United States is dwindling - down as much as 80 percent compared to just 30 years ago.

Tuesday morning, the UIS Biology Club planted a butterfly garden filled with milkweed and nectar plants near the Health and Science Building as part of the Monarch Challenge.

A UIS associate professor of biology says the challenge is simple, and everyone can do it.

"We're hoping that it'll really take off and if people can't put milkweed or nectar plants in their backyard, maybe they'll give $5 or $10 to Monarch Joint Venture and we can really help boost monarch populations," said Amy McEuen, UIS associate professor.

Once you have been challenged, you have five days to install monarch-friendly plants. If you don't, you're asked to donate to the Monarch Joint Venture organization.

The story was reported by WICS-TV 20 on May 12, 2015.

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