Thursday, July 16, 2015

How 21-year-old Springfield twins are making serious cash building video games

A part-time job in college can go a long way towards paying off loans and having some cash on the weekend. For two University of Illinois at Springfield twins, their part-time jobs means developing video games. And it pays a whole lot better than bar tending.

Matthew and Nathan Dean, 21-year-old brothers from Springfield, are creating games on an interactive gaming platform called Roblox, which help kids and teens learn the art of coding and game development.

The two first started playing games on Roblox in 2009, but quickly began building games on their own. They've created a game called Trade Hangout, where people in Roblox can socialize online and haggle over virtual items than can be bought with Roblox currency called Robux.

Matthew and Nathan performed so well on the site that Roblox offered them internships at its San Mateo, CA headquarters, where the twins have worked the past two summers.

"Roblox is not only a great place to make games, but to learn to program in general," Nathan said. "A lot of kids have gone on from Roblox to pursue computer science in high school and study it in college, and have a career in software development. It's a place to have fun, but you’re also learning skills that are really valuable in the future."

This story appeared online on on July 13, 2015.

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