Thursday, June 23, 2011

Return to Emiquon

Many of us shuttle to other places of interest surrounding the Emiquon Preserve, such as UIS’ Therkildsen Station. The station, funded in part through an endowment by Alfred O. Therkildsen, is located on the other side Illinois 78/97 across from the preserve. The faculty at the station provides training for students while conducting research in the field of floodplain ecology and restoration and management strategies.

“Some of us started collecting even when there were little ditches out there,” states Dr. Michael Lemke, the station’s director. “I have been tracking the microbes, and in the last four years we have seen dramatic changes in the communities.”

The station’s research is combined with that of other researchers in an effort to build a comprehensive study of the Emiquon restoration and to assist in its management.

The field station was featured in an June 23, 2011, article in The Illinois Times.

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