Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Some state leaders pushing for marriage equality

Some state leaders say civil unions aren't enough. Now they hope to legalize gay marriage here in Illinois.

A bill was recently introduced proposing just that. It would allow same-sex couples to wed.

"I think it has a good chance over the next two, three, four, years of seriously being considered," said Jason Pierceson. He's a political science professor at UIS. He's been researching the topic for years. He says the transition would be fairly seamless.

"Essentially all the laws are in place, legal protections are in place, now with civil unions it would just be a name change," he said.

But, he doesn't think the bill will pass this year, especially with many lawmakers running for re-election.

Pierceson's comments were featured on WCIA-TV Channel 3 in an February 13, 2012, report.

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