Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Japanese-Americans see significance in Obama's Hiroshima visit

Erika Suzuki of Springfield recalled talking to an American who recently visited Hiroshima.

"He told me that they didn't expect an apology (from President Obama), that they only required three words: 'No more Hiroshimas,' in any places in the world," said Suzuki, program coordinator for International Student Services at the University of Illinois Springfield.

"In my feeling, the majority of Hiroshima people want him to see and learn what happened (as a result of the bombing) and to lead the world into the future."

The visit adds to the “Obama Doctrine,” especially the use of diplomacy rather than a unilateral approach, said Ali Nizamuddin, an associate professor of political science at UIS.

“It’s not just a cosmetic visit,” said Nizamuddin. “It sends a positive message that the U.S. is committed to Japan and the security alliance.”

The story was reported by The State Journal-Register on May 22, 2016.

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