Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Obama discusses massive stimulus package

At his press conference yesterday, President-Elect Barack Obama discussed plans for economic recovery and emphasized the need to pass a massive stimulus package shortly after he takes office.

In an interview with Chicago Public Radio, Kent Redfield, professor emeritus of political science at UIS, remarked that Congress historically likes to take its time in debating how to dole out large sums of money, so passing such complex legislation early in a presidency will be no small task.

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Wired world means rarely leaving work

Because about 60 percent of the workforce uses the Internet or e-mail for their jobs, almost half of them also work from home, checking their e-mail on weekends and sick days and logging in while on vacation.

Clinical psychologist Keith Burton, head of the psychology department at UIS, says that while some can manage with constant connection to work, most people need to recharge and take a break to be productive.

Burton's quotes were featured in an article in the November 25, 2008, State Journal-Register. Download a PDF of the file

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Students enjoy living in LRH service wing

Opportunities for community service abound for residents in the Leadership for Life Service Wing in UIS' Lincoln Residence Hall. These first- and second-year students are finding that volunteering not only helps them make connections, it changes they way they look at a variety of things.

An article in the November 17, 2008, "Voice" section of the State Journal-Register looks at the LLSW and some of the residents.

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Campus Town may be moving closer to reality

With the BOT approval of UIS' updated Campus Master Plan, the development of a Campus Town, to be located on the west side of campus outside the ring road, has moved a step closer to becoming a reality.

WCFN reporter Blake Wood posted a report November 14, 2008, on MyCFN News.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Corruption charges taint state's mood

With an Illinois senator poised to become President of the United States and centennial celebrations for the birth of Abraham Lincoln about to begin, the atmosphere in the state's capital should be buoyant. But allegations of government corruption are rampant.

An article in the November 24, 2008, Newsweek discusses the cloud hanging over Illinois politics and quotes UIS Professor Emeritus Kent Redfield as noting that, while the state has produced such iconic figures as Lincoln and Adlai Stevenson, an air of "let's make a deal" has always been "pretty pervasive" in Illinois.

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Who will Governor choose?

President-elect Barack Obama has resigned his Senate seat and it's up to Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to choose a successor. Speculation is rife as the list of potential nominees grows longer.

An article in the November 13, 2008, New York Times quotes Kent Redfield, UIS professor emeritus of political science: "Compared to everything else, this is good publicity."

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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Scholarship to be named after Kent Redfield

UIS Professor Emeritus Kent Redfield is getting a scholarship fund named after him. The Kent Redfield Scholarship will be awarded annually to a student based on merit and financial need.

Redfield, a leader for years in research into campaign contributions in Illinois, retired September 1 after 29 years at UIS, but he still remains highly involved with the university and plans to teach a class per semester starting in the new year.

The news of his scholarship fund appears in a column in the September 13, 2008, issue of the State Journal-Register. Download a PDF file of the column

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sheriff slashes bill to Innocence Project

After an article ran on Sunday, November 9, in the State Journal-Register about the Springfield sheriff's office charging $700 for copies of CDs and audio tapes to the Downstate Illinois Innocence Project, the office hand-delivered a new bill for $37.78.

The CDs and tapes are from police interviews in a case the Project is investigating involving the conviction of Thomas McMillen of murder in the 1989 stabbing death of Melissa Koontz.

Download a PDF file from the November 11, 2008 article from the State Journal-Register

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Finding the right college can be difficult

High school students looking for the college that fits them best can find the process intimidating. An article in the Voice section of the November 11, 2008, State Journal-Register outlined the admissions process at a community college (Lincoln Land), a public university (UIS), and a private one (Illinois College in Jacksonville).

Assistant Director of Admissions Kathryn Kleeman spoke about the advantages UIS has to offer.

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Monday, November 10, 2008

Election brings little change to state government

While Illinois voters answered the call for change in government at the national level, little changed at the Statehouse as a result of the November 4 elections.

Chris Mooney, UIS professor of Political Studies, noted, "You can't say this was transformational."

Charles Wheeler, professor and director of Public Affairs Reporting at UIS, said, "My guess is that most voters hold their local lawmaker in higher esteem than they do the legislature as an institution."

Read the article that appeared in the November 9, 2008, Daily Herald.

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"Cloud 9" not subtle

Caryl Churchill's play "Cloud 9" deals with the politics of sexuality and sexual identity and relies heavily on cross-gender casting and role-doubling. The results are not subtle.

"Cloud 9" opened UIS Theatre's 2008-2009 season on November 7 and the State Journal-Register's Brian Mackey was there.

His review appeared in the November 8, 2008, SJ-R.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Obama candidacy shines a light on Illinois legislature

Barack Obama's background in the Illinois Senate has focused more national attention than usual on the Illinois legislature and Illinois politics, as an article in the November 2, 2008, State Journal-Register reports.

UIS Professor of Public Affairs Reporting Charles Wheeler, a former newsman who covered the Statehouse for many years, weighs in on what Obama's record of voting "present" really means.

Professor of Political Science Chris Mooney notes that he had expected Obama to face much more and much harsher criticism because of the current investigation into charges of corruption in Illinois government and the federal conviction of one-time Obama fundraiser Tony Rezko.

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Campus hosts "Battle of the Brains" competition

On November 1 the UIS campus was the host site for a round of competition in an international programming contest – the 33rd annual ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest – also known as the Global "Battle of the Brains" Software Competition.

Reporter John Reynolds was on hand to profile the event. His account appeared in the November 2, 2008, State Journal-Register.

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Redfield sees local races as a "way to send a message"

Kent Redfield, professor emeritus of Political Science, noted that local races are the best way for voters "to send a message" to the leaders of their respective political parties.

His comments appeared in an article on the impact local races can have on people's everyday lives that appeared in the November 3, 2008, Chicago Daily Herald.

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Redfield discusses Con-Con question

Kent Redfield, professor emeritus of Political Science, talked about the "strange bedfellows" that have resulted in the upcoming vote on whether Illinois should hold a new constitutional convention.

The interview was aired on Chicago public radio station WBEZ 91.5 FM on Monday, November 3.

Listen to the interview

Berman: Community must make the most of economic opportunities

In an "In My View" column appearing in the November 1, 2008, State Journal-Register, UIS Provost Harry Berman outlined the goals of the Continuum of Learning, an initiative of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce, United Way of Central Illinois, and Sangamon Country Community Foundation. Berman chairs the Continuum's Steering Committee.

The intention, said Berman is a "community commitment to seeing that the highest possible proportion of children, adolescents, and young adults are progressing successfully through each stage of development and are poised to succeed and to contribute to the region's economy."

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