Monday, May 14, 2012

Chancellor Koch offers advice to college graduates

College seniors are finishing up finals and looking forward to donning their cap and gown. Walking across the stage to accept their diploma represents their first steps into the real world. So how do they make sure they take the right path and gain success?

A love of learning is what drove Susan Koch to become an educator. She’s now chancellor of the University of Illinois Springfield. She says her key to success has been pushing herself beyond what she thought she was capable of, but one thing she wishes she had when first starting out is a more global awareness.

"Get out there. Take the opportunity to go to some place you haven't been before to be with people who are not like you and to learn things that are just way outside the bounds of what you are use to," said Koch.

Koch's advice was featured in an May 11, 2012, report by WICS-TV.

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