Friday, June 27, 2014

Smoking ban close to reality for Illinois' colleges

For years, smokers at Springfield's sprawling University of Illinois campus could smoke at designated spots. But those spots could disappear if Governor Pat Quinn signs a new law banning smoking from all state campuses. Some wouldn't mind seeing it go.

"It's kind of bothersome walking in front of a door going to class and there's a bunch of people smoking out front and you have to walk right through it," said student Jake Boehm.

UIS spokesperson Derek Schnapp said the university expects some difficulty in transitioning to being 100 percent smoke free, but the law would give them a year to finish the transition.

"It's more about awareness to let people know we're going to be a smoke-free campus," Schnapp said.

On large campuses, smokers will only have a few choices, either smoke in their cars or drive off campus to take care of their craving.

The story was reported by WCIA-TV on June 26, 2014.

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