Thursday, November 5, 2020

Engaged citizenship; Water diplomacy in the Middle East

While the University of Illinois Springfield's (UIS) Engaged Citizenship Common Experience (ECCE) speaker series program is part of a distinctive curriculum for undergraduate students, it is also a venue for the UIS community to engage with the larger community. 

The series strives to introduce the public and students to diverse perspectives and encourages open discussion and participation as major components of active citizenship. 

This week, Rachel Havrelock, founder and director of the University of Illinois Chicago freshwater lab and co-creator of the Freshwater Stories digital platform, will explore water diplomacy in the Middle East, including its water history and the innovations making new forms of water use and distribution possible. 
After appraising new projects on the horizon, she will discuss their applicability or relevance to Illinois and North American waters. 

This story appeared in the Illinois Times on November 5, 2020.