Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Durbin touts bill to help students save money

A new federal law that went into effect in July requires more disclosure when it comes to college and university textbooks. It was sponsored by U.S. Senator Dick Durbin, who touted the law at a visit to the University of Illinois at Springfield.

Erin Wilson, a junior from Rushville, says she and other college students have saved a lot of money because of the new law, which requires colleges and universities to disclose the retail price of textbooks, disclose the book number so that students can try to buy books other places, including the Internet, and let instructors know the price of the books they require for class.

Durbin says it took two years to get the law passed, because the publishing companies "hated it like the Devil hates holy water." He says he wants more changes, and has introduced another bill that would offer incentives to instructors who use online textbooks, in the hopes that will save students save more money.

The story was featured in a September 5, 2010, report by the Illinois Radio Network.

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