Monday, December 6, 2010

"Day of Dialogue" at UIS

With student suicides and bullying heavily in the spotlight, area college students at the University of Illinois Springfield are confronting the issues head-on.

A daylong event that centers around being different and what it means to have your own identity in today's world. It's called a "Day of Dialogue".

"We start to really talk about personal issues, social issues and to continue discussion and dialogue, which is really the only way we're going to be able to effect any positive change," said Holly Thompson, assistant professor of Human Development Counseling.

The University of Illinois Springfield is taking a proactive stance against student bullying, hate crimes, and suicide.

"On our campus we have a number of students who have experienced, not necessarily here, different forms of bullying," said Thompson.

The "Day of Dialogue" was featured by WICS-TV 20 in a December 3, 2010, report.

Watch the story on News Channel 20's website