Monday, August 9, 2010

Kids collecting school supplies for kids

You can find crayons for 50 cents and notebooks for a $1 during the back to school shopping season, but it's a price not everyone can afford.

That's why kids at the Cox Children's Center on the UIS campus have been collecting paper, pencils, crayons, and pretty much everything else: to give to the less fortunate.

The center has used the collection drive as a chance to teach the kids about helping those in need.

"It makes me sad," says seven-year-old Caleb Hoffman, "Because a lot of people don't have school supplies and won't be good learners."

The supplies will go to UIS students who are parents and need a little extra help this time of year.

The collection was featured by WCIA-TV Channel 3 in a August 6, 2010, report.

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