Friday, August 27, 2010

UIS gives students a "Foot in the Door"

Ask anyone and they'll tell you that first job is the hardest to nail down. Thursday, college students got their "Foot in the Door” at the University of Illinois Springfield.

Vanessa Ferguson is a senior at UIS looking to go into public relations. She knows snagging a job out of college isn't easy these days.

"It's a little difficult to go to a business and represent yourself as a student with not a lot of experience trying to break into their public relations department," said Ferguson.

That's one reason why she decided to attend the "Foot in the Door" career fair at UIS in search of opportunities that will help prepare her for the real world.

The fair was featured in a August 26, 2010, report by WICS-TV 20.

Watch the story on News Channel 20's website