Friday, April 10, 2015

Congressman Rodney Davis talks student loans

Congressman Rodney Davis stopped in Springfield today to talk about student loans while Congress is on break.

Davis and his Millenial Advisory Board spoke with students at the University of Illinois Springfield campus.

He says loan debt is a major concern for parents and families, but there are few solutions in sight in Congress.

Davis is proposing a bill that would allow employers to help students in relieving their college debt. 

He also says Washington's approach to student loans should change. "We need to make college affordability more transparent," said Congressman Davis. "We also need to make sure families and institutions where their students are going to, that they understand what the true cost of college is going to be."

Congressman Davis says the bill would provide tax incentives for employers to help students pay off loans. He says he expects the bill would have bipartisan support. When asked about a timetable, Davis said the bill was "in process.

This story appeared online on WICS NewsChannel 20 on April 9, 2015.

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