Tuesday, July 5, 2016

UIS dean: British exit to impact world

The United Kingdom’s surprising June 23 vote to leave the European Union — often known as the EU — likely will reverberate around the world over the months and years to come.

Ronald McNeil, dean of the University of Illinois Springfield College of Business and Management since 2002, has traveled extensively to Europe, China and Asia. He also is the PNC Distinguished Professor in Banking and Finance at UIS.

He previously was dean of the Sullivan College of Business at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth from 1992-2002 and associate dean of the Georgia State University College of Business before that.

A consultant to major companies including utilities, the oil and gas industry, the chemical industry and others, McNeil lived in England for two years and has a degree from there, as well as one from Canada.

We asked him about some of the ramifications of Brexit, as the British exit from the EU is called.

The full interview was published in The State Journal-Register on July 3, 2016.

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