Monday, February 7, 2011

Readers: Snow heroes abound in central Illinois

The following is a letter submitted to the State Journal-Register. It was published in a February 4, 2011, edition.

"I would like to nominate Josphine Marqez as a snow hero. She is an active and very helping student at the University of Illinois in Springfield. She is one of the few students who has been prepared with a shovel and used every opportunity to help out."

"Wednesday, I went out to shovel my car, and she came out to help me. There were other students doing the same, so she shoveled out their cars before even going to her own! She helped shovel at least four cars and lent out her supplies at night when neighbors needed it as well."

"I think her helping spirit reflects the kind of model we should all have when faced with difficult conditions. It is especially inspiring for youth to show selflessness in a society that continually stresses 'me, me, me.'"

Itzi Llamas

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