Monday, July 9, 2012

UIS artist spotlighted by Chicago Tonight

Allison Lacher is a Springfield-based installation artist. Her work playfully explores the themes of adolescence, naïveté and vulnerability, often associated with coming of age transitions. She uses ambiguous narratives, which blur the lines between fantasy and reality, to evoke an emotional response from the viewer. Lacher’s installation, That’s Love, Baby, is a culmination of these working narratives. The installation is an emotionally charged space that the viewer interacts with, imposing their own personal narratives to help craft the story.

That’s Love, Baby was first exhibited at the University of Illinois Springfield Visual Arts Gallery, where Lacher is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Visual Arts and Gallery Manager. The installation is now remounted at the Backspace Collective in Peoria through the end of July.

Lacher was spotlighted on a July 3, 2012, broadcast of "Chicago Tonight" on WTTW (PBS).

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