Thursday, August 23, 2012

Freshmen move into UIS dorms

In the decade since freshmen have been attending the University of Illinois Springfield, their backgrounds have changed as their numbers have climbed.

When the first freshmen arrived in 2001, they all fit in the single dorm on campus. Back then, most were from the Sangamon County area.

The contrast between large state universities and UIS could be seen Wednesday at Lincoln Hall, where UIS Chancellor Susan Koch was braiding the hair of a student move-in helper into pigtails while freshmen moved into the dorm.

“Your professors here are going to know your name,” Koch said about UIS’s size. “It really is a point of pride for the university. It leads to increased student success and creates an intellectual climate — students really grow on this campus.”

Move-In Day was featured in a August 23, 2012, article in the State Journal-Register.

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