Thursday, August 30, 2012

Second-acters applaud Springfield

Larry “Bud” Price, now 65, and his wife, Cathy, profitably sold their two radio stations 13 years ago.

“We could have moved anywhere in the world,” he said. “And we came to Springfield.”

They are two of what Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine calls “second-acters” — people who have changed careers at or near retirement age and still want a vibrant lifestyle.

Price went back to college — “on the 36-year plan” — and earned a bachelor’s degree in multimedia communications from the University of Illinois Springfield.

“I couldn’t find a job,” he said. “So I got a master’s in human resource management.”

He found he was skilled at office work, and after working for three different state agencies, he tested for a job at UIS. This past Jan. 1, Price was promoted to office manager of the Department of Environmental Studies and Public Health at the university.

“I love helping students,” he said. “We’re taking a vanload of foreign students to the New Salem music festival. We have hosted Muslims, Chinese and Indian students.”

Price was featured by the State Journal-Register on August 30, 2012.

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