Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Survey: Downtown Springfield growth important to all of Sangamon County

Sangamon County residents are continuing to put the area’s economic importance in downtown Springfield.

A citizens survey conducted through the University of Illinois-Springfield indicates that 86% of county residents think growing downtown Springfield is important to the whole county — up from 81% in the 2013 survey. UIS Survey Research Office director Ashley Kirzinger says more than one demographic believes growing downtown is especially true.

“One of the interesting aspects…is that we saw the largest increase among our African-American residents, as well as those living in more of the metro area of Springfield,” says Kirzinger.

Kirzinger says she doesn’t know what might have caused the increases.

“It might be just awareness of growing downtown Springfield,” Kirzinger says. “The UIS student housing and other construction projects have brought attention to that area. It may just be the national trend that we’re seeing, growing cities instead of suburban growth.”

The story was reported by WTAX radio on June 22, 2015.

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