Monday, December 7, 2020

Local program looks to lessen Central Illinois nursing shortage

A shortage of nurses across Central Illinois is raising concerns about how hospitals will care for patients as COVID-19 cases rise.

The pandemic has only made this issue more apparent.

However, the nursing program at the University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) created a University of Illinois Springfield campus to help solve this problem, and it's stronger than ever amid the pandemic.

They're partnering with Memorial Health System to train Central Illinois students to become Central Illinois nurses.

UIC Professor Sara McPherson said she's seeing even more passion in her students during this pandemic.

"It's very rewarding to be a part of graduating nurses who stay local in the area and can help fulfill this shortage, and continue to take care of patients, families, in the community," McPherson said.

This story aired on WICS Newschannel 20 on December 4, 2020.