Wednesday, January 6, 2010

U of I to enforce furlough days and hiring freeze

Most University of Illinois employees — including more than 460 at UIS — face furlough days this spring as part of the university system’s response to a growing appropriations shortfall.

The cost-cutting measures, including furloughs and a hiring freeze, are designed to trim $82 million from the U of I’s operating budget and ease a $436 million backlog of unpaid state appropriations to the university.

The news was featured in a January 6, 2010, article in the State Journal-Register.

Download a PDF of the article:

The topic was also covered by other news outlets.

Download a PDF of an article from the Chicago Tribune: 20100106-ChiTrib-furloughdays.pdf

Download a PDF of an article from the Chicago Sun-Times: 20100106-ChiSunTimes-furloughdays.pdf