Friday, January 6, 2012

Ed Wojcicki co-authors book on Ill. politics

A former Review Atlas editor has co-authored a new book about Illinois politics. It is called ‘Nobody Calls Just to Say Hello: Reflections on Twenty-Two Years in the Illinois Senate.’

The book was written by former Illinois state Senator Philip J. Rock (D-Oak Park) and co-authored by Ed Wojcicki, who was a Review Atlas reporter from 1977-78, the marketing director at Security Savings & Loan from 1979-80 and then the Review Atlas editor from 1980-85. The book gives an insider’s perspective on both Chicago and Illinois politics of the 1970s and 1980s. Rock was Illinois Senate President for 14 years (1979-93), longer than anyone in Illinois history.

Wojcicki worked with Rock on the book for seven years. Southern Illinois University Press published the book last month.

Wojcicki, who moved to Springfield in 1985, got acquainted with Rock in the 1990s during the 10-year period when he was publisher of Illinois Issues magazine at the University of Illinois Springfield. Wojcicki, 57, is now in administration at UIS.

The book was featured in an January 4, 2012, article by the Monmouth Review Atlas.

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