Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mallory Beck helping lead UIS

UIS women's basketball is 6-4 this year and the heart of its team is a player who doesn't get the most minutes or score the most points.

It’s almost cliché to hear a coach talk about a player’s commitment to the team, but Mallory Beck’s story may change your mind. On the surface she looks like any other two-sport athlete.

“I grew up with two brothers and they’ve been pushing me around and playing basketball forever it seems like,” said Beck.

But what you can’t see is her insulin pump. You see Beck has diabetes.

“I was diagnosed when I was six and I really don’t know anything different. It’s been part of my life forever,” said Beck.

Beck's story was featured by WCIA-TV in an January 3, 2012, report.

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