Thursday, March 13, 2014

A chat with UIS Athletic Director Kim Pate

The University of Illinois Springfield has come a long way with athletics in the past decade. Now a Division II school, UIS has added 6 programs in that time. That brings the total of teams to 11.

Yet, the expansion has also brought criticism from those who question if sports are part of the school's mission.

"My response is, it's part of education. Our student athletes are students first," said UIS Athletic Director Kim Pate.

She says student athletes learn a lot of life skills, including teamwork, conflict resolution and time management. UIS student athletes managed an overall average GPA of 3.17.

"We've been dedicating more resources and focus on academics," she said.

Pate also says it adds to campus life, giving students something to cheer for. She says it also provides a pathway to many students who might not otherwise go to college without an athletic scholarship.

The story was reported by WUIS Radio on March 12, 2014.

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