Friday, September 17, 2010

Gov's job message quiet

On the same day Illinois got some better job news, Gov. Pat Quinn got another chance to talk about the state’s improving economy. But it remains to be seen if voters will ever hear the good news.

Many of Quinn’s commercials and campaign ads have focused on the negatives about GOP challenger Bill Brady.

University of Illinois at Springfield Professor Chris Mooney said Quinn should be bragging about the improving economy and not taking shots at Brady over taxes and missed votes in Springfield.

“It’s real low-level sort of shooting, and it’s the kind of stuff you’d expect [Quinn] to say if he didn’t have anything else to say, or if the negatives were so high on him.”

Mooney said voters, especially this year are going to cast a vote based on the economy, so Quinn should cash-in on good news. But the professor adds that Pat Quinn can’t change who Pat Quinn is.

Mooney's comments were featured in a September 16, 2010, article in Illinois Statehouse News.

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