Thursday, November 4, 2010

Kirk ready for first vote against Obama

Mark Kirk has vowed to be in the vanguard of a Republican bulwark against President Barack Obama's spending and tax plans. At the same time, Illinois' newly elected senator says he will be a model of conciliation and compromise in an era of sharp partisan divide.

Chris Mooney, a political science professor at the Springfield campus of the University of Illinois, said the generally moderate politics of Illinois dictate that Kirk regain his pragmatic streak if he hopes to stick in the Senate.

"He will do whatever it takes to be elected from the state of Illinois. That's not an easy task for a Republican in this state," Mooney said. "I do not expect Mark Kirk to veer to the right."

Mooney predicted Kirk will not always be a sure party line vote for Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell. "On average, Kirk will vote Republican because he is a Republican," Mooney said. "On the tough votes, however, I think he'll be up for grabs."

Mooney's comments were featured in a November 4, 2010, article in the Chicago Tribune.

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