Monday, November 14, 2011

Don't forget your manners when attending work-related parties

Many companies and businesses plan at least some type of corporate seasonal or holiday party as a way to bring employees together and show support and appreciation for their staff.

At the University of Illinois Springfield, a campus-wide holiday gathering is held either on a Monday or Friday afternoon at the end of the fall semester to allow both staff and faculty to attend.

“In an effort to create a community within our campus community, we think it’s important for the campus culture to gather together,” said Joan Sestak, director of community relations who sits on the party planning committee each year. “It gives us the ability to interact with colleagues we may not see every day and share a little holiday spirit and talk about what’s going on in everybody’s lives.”

Whether a fall picnic or big holiday bash, in the office or out of the office, during office hours or on the weekend, when it comes to a company social gathering, as a guest you always should remember it is just that: a company event.

Sestak's comments were featured in an November 12, 2011, article in The State Journal-Register.

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