Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Examining ways to improve enrollment

One U of I campus is seeing a record-number of freshmen but their overall enrollment fell from last year.

Leaders in admissions said they are pleased with the record breaking number of freshmen.

Now, they want to work on retaining the transfer and graduate students. They said their campus is seeing a decline in part-time students.

The 373 new freshmen could not make up for the departure of hundreds of graduate and part-time students who did not return.

The number of full-time undergraduate students did not change.

The school was recently named one of the most ethnically diverse campuses.

Despite all of the positive news changes in their student population, enrollment managers acknowledge there is work to be done. “We’re making partnerships with community colleges, we are attending more graduate school fairs, we are trying to create strategic enrollment plans for the entire university for all of our students,” said Associate Provost of Enrollment Management Natalie Herring.

This story aired on WCIA on September 17, 2019.

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