Friday, December 30, 2011

Illinois group pushes to exonerate man convicted of Krajcir crime

An Illinois group is pushing for the posthumous exoneration of a man convicted of an attempted murder a known serial killer recently confessed to. Grover Thompson was convicted in 1981 and sentenced to 40 years in prison. He died in prison in 1996.

After Thompson's death, convicted serial murder and rapist Timothy Krajcir told authorities he had committed the crime. Krajcir is more than four years into an 80-year sentence for murders in Williamson and Jackson counties in Illinois.

The Downstate Illinois Innocence Project and students from Southern Illinois University's law school are now collaborating to get Thompson posthumously exonerated for Krajcir's crime, according to a news release sent Thursday. The group will present its case to the Illinois Prisoner Review Board in Springfield, Ill., on Jan. 11.

The Downstate Illinois Innocence Project, which is based at UIS, was featured in an December 30, 2011, article in the Southeast Missourian.

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