Tuesday, January 16, 2018

UIS Students spend holiday serving community

Monday was a day of service for University of Illinois Springfield students with more than 100 spending the afternoon giving back in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.

They could have done anything on their day off, but they chose to volunteer.

Their reasons were truly inspiring. Many referenced King's dedication to the community and his message of unity. They say they wouldn't want to honor his legacy any other way.

It was the task of the day for these students. They made old furniture new again at Habitat for Humanity's Restore.

Carpentry may be a new venture for some, but regardless, they showed up and it's the life work of one man who inspired them.

"Dr. King had a dream and he wanted to change the world and, after he was done, he wanted to continue to change the world and that's why I'm here. I want to continue to change the world in his light."

"He was one of many that I look up to and see as a role model for giving back." It's a small gesture which goes a long way. "It's a gesture of giving. It's a gesture of hope. You're helping those who can't do it themselves."

This is the fourth year UIS students have volunteered their time here.

"They didn't have to be here. It shows character dedication." It's a sacrifice to some, but these students don't see it that way. "Being the impact and a part of the change would make MLK proud if he was here."

Students also helped at local hospitals, the local Urban League and even made bookmarks for District 186 students.

This story aired on WCIA on January 15, 2018.

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