Monday, December 9, 2019

UIS Professor pens book: 'Fake News Battle' makes case for regulation

Ha Jae-sik's book "Fake News Battle" is a fresh update about fake news and its irreversible, devastating consequences on the community. The fallout of fake news goes far beyond what we can possibly imagine and what's worrisome is that the entire globe is grappling with the phenomenon, according to the author.

Ha, an assistant professor at the Department of Communication at the University of Illinois Springfield, voices his concerns about social media, claiming it has become a conduit for misinformation, and encourages those who are involved in the media to stand up against fake news. "It's regrettable that social media has become the epicenter of fake news," he wrote. "Conspiracy theories are rampant on social media and they are out of control. It seems inevitable that all members of society, including policymakers and journalists, start a debate about how to regulate disinformation and draw up measures to redress the victims."

According to him, content creators are not the only people to be held accountable. "I think social media companies are not directly responsible for fake news," he told The Korea Times in a recent interview. "Broadly speaking, I think there are three groups of people who are responsible for manufacturing and disseminating misinformation ― social media users who created and uploaded misinformation, internet users who selectively choose information they are to consume in favor of their political orientation and some media outlets that are trying to profit from fake news.

This story appeared in The Korea Times on December 6, 2019.

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