Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Lawmakers look to recruit young leaders

Some kids dream about becoming doctors; others becoming teachers. But, if you dreamed of working in state government, a proposed piece of legislation might help.

The bill's goal is to get more young people engaged and employed in state jobs. It also creates a council of eleven people who are experts on issues affecting young people.

Senior Andrea Carlson is a political science and legal studies major at the University of Illinois-Springfield. She's headed to law school at UI next fall.

"I'd like to work in regulatory and administrative law." Carlson says she could eventually see herself working in state government.

The goal is to get more people, ages 18 - 25, employed in state jobs. Jobs which could turn into careers when current state workers retire.

"There's a ton of essential services that are provided by devoted public employees. The people who were out over the weekend, out plowing the roads, the people who are prison guards, the people who are child abuse investigators," said Charlie Wheeler, director of the UIS Public Affairs Reporting program.

The story was reported by WCIA-TV on March 2, 2015.

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