Friday, May 6, 2016

Job market outlook for 2016 graduates

Graduation is quickly approaching for many college students. For those students trying to find full time jobs, it can be a challenge and overwhelming experience.

One week before graduation, students on the University of Illinois Springfield campus are busy, all of them studying for finals and some preparing to hit the workforce.

"Long term, I want to be a police officer in Chicago," said Janet Howell who is a senior at UIS.

Howell has yet to land the job. She's already taken her entrance exam and the results could take years. In the meantime, she's moving back in with mom and dad.

Reports show almost 40 percent of Americans have college degrees. That's why Ron McNeil, UIS dean of the College of Business and Management, says you've got to make yourself more appealing during the application process.

"In academia, we teach too much book knowledge. There's not enough real world knowledge. To be competitive, you need real world knowledge," said McNeil.

The story was reported by Fox Illinois on May 5, 2016.

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