Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UIS welcoming Monica Chiu to campus

A long standing goal of immigrant children has been to become “Americanized” as a key to their future economic and social success. In the particular case of Lao American youth, "becoming white" is closely associated with performing blackness.

Mae Marie-Noll from the University of Illinois – Springfield explains that author and Associate Professor of English and University Honors Program Director at the University of New Hampshire, Monica Chiu, will share her works with the public April 14th.

This talk discusses how Lao American boys' refashion themselves with the blackness inspired by media in order to achieve the so-called social acceptance among their American peers. It also highlights how their efforts to "fit in" are related to their academic struggles.

Noll adds that Chiu is one of many speakers that the university will be welcoming to the school this semester.

The event was featured by WTIM Radio in Taylorville on April 5, 2010.

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