Monday, October 16, 2017

Springfield Marathon helps boost Springfield's economy

Runners from all over laced up their sneakers Sunday morning for the 5th annual Springfield Marathon, which started and ended on the University of Illinois Springfield campus.

Organizers said there was even one runner from India.

"About 30 percent of our runners came in from out of town," said Bill Stokes, the race director for the Springfield Marathon.

Those out of towners are boosting Springfield's economy, according to race organizers.

"I stayed at a hotel here in town and I ate out and I think it does good for the economy and brings visitors into the place," said Christy Patterson, a runner from Decatur.

More than 600 people came out for the race.

People said, not only do they spend money in Springfield, but the race gave them a chance to see what a new city has to offer.

"I'm not from here so just seeing Springfield's campus, you know if I ever decide to go back to school it's a nice place," said Angela McFadden, a runner from Carbondale.

Race participation was up 20 percent from just last year. Many racers said it was a trip well worth it.

This story appeared on WICS Newschannel 20 on October 15, 2017.

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